iEngage Recruitment Pty Ltd are committed to providing a proactive, productive and professional service that is tailored to meet individuals needs. Our consultants are industry experienced, passionate and knowledgeable. We have an in-depth understanding of the Sydney job market and regularly research upcoming trends and employment opportunities.


“Lori was amazing! Extremely thorough and helpful. Can’t recommend iEngage highly enough!” Stephanie - Sydney, NSW


Resume Writing

Our resume writing services ensure your resume integrates high-impact content written to target the specific industry or role you want to gain employment in. By ensuring your resume focuses on your key achievements and capabilities, it will make effective statement that is guaranteed to gain an employers’ attention.

Cover Letters

Cover letters are a mandatory requirement when applying for employment. They should be less generic and specifically tailored to suit the role you are applying for, while addressing the key points detailed in the position description. We can ensure we utilise your transferable skills to create a key-word optimised document that highlights your strengths and achievements and details why you are the best applicant for that role.

Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria are an opportunity for an employer to request additional information or examples about your skills and experience within the workplace. It is important to focus on recent examples (utilising the STAR method) while addressing the capability components of the criteria and listing relevant information. We are able to assist you in identifying relevant examples for your criteria and  articulating these answers so that they represent you in a professional manner, while demonstrating your capability for the role.

LinkedIn Profile Writing

As of September 2019, LinkedIn currently has over 575 million members, with over 9 million of them in Australia. Unfortunately, many users are not utilising Linkedin to its full potential. We can assist you in  developing more of a digital footprint, which is essentially your personal brand. LinkedIn can be utilised to build your professional network, find and apply for jobs and assist you to research businesses all over the world. As part of our LinkedIn Profile Writing services, we will get you to “All Star” status, ensuring that you represent yourself professionally online.

Reverse Marketing

Utilising highly-regarded marketing consultants within our business, we are able to reverse market yourself and your skills to suitable employers within your selected locations and industries. Research suggests that as many as 60% of all jobs are unadvertised – that means that what you see on various job search sites is only a small percentage of the positions available near you. By utilising our reverse marketing services, we can explore and identify suitable job opportunities for you, linking you with quality employers and breaking into the hidden job market.


Interview Coaching

Interview preparation tips and tricks (roleplay, feedback & development of your skills)

Attending an interview can be an unnerving and intimidating process for many individuals. Although you know you have the skills and experience to be able to perform the role as required, the nerves can impact how you perform in your interview and can cost you the job. We offer both face to face and over the phone interview coaching that assists you with things such as: how to answer questions effectively, remain articulate and calm under pressure and answer those questions we all despise.

In addition, we assist you to create a personalised elevator pitch that ensures you identify your strengths, achievements and experiences that will keep the employers attention.

Microsoft Office Training

Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Microsoft Office training available within a one-on-one or group setting.

Jobseeker Workshop

Available for individuals looking to gain mentoring, assistance and support in gaining sustainable employment. Our workshop includes interview preparation, position applications, how to reverse market yourself and your skills, individual pathway planning and resume and cover letter development. Individual and group sessions available all over Sydney.

Within this workshop, our consultants will assist you to:

  • prepare a customised jobsearch strategy

  • learn how to implement your customised jobsearch strategy

  • learn how to access the hidden job market

  • learn how to develop an effective networking strategy

  • identify and connect with local recruiters

  • develop a personalised elevator pitch

  • create, develop and implement a jobsearch action plan


Once you have decided on your order, please confirm via email detailing the service required. From there, you will be issued an invoice that will need to be paid prior to any work commencing on your order.

After payment has been made, one of our staff members will contact you for your initial consultation. This consultation will be conducted over the phone or via email and will take 15 – 30 minutes to discuss your goals, current employment situation and what  you would like to achieve, professionally.  

Within 3-5 business days, you will receive the first draft of your order. If there are any concerns, additional information required or reviews necessary, you can advise your consultant and will have the updated version sent to you within 2 business days.

 A second draft will then be sent to you, to be approved prior to the final copy of the order being released.

Please be advised that If you do not request changes to your first or second draft within two weeks of receiving, we will consider the order complete.